Loving Birth – HypnoBirthing

Our body tells us exactly what it wants, including in pregnancy and childbirth. Therefore, in the preparation courses, I encourage you to consciously feel and follow the signals of your body. Go with the flow. Only then will you avoid resistance and have a positive birth experience, which is different for every mother. Every human is unique and this starts at birth. Give yourself and let it happen. 

A birth is like surfing. You can not control the wave. You only have your surfboard and you’ve learned what techniques are needed to control your board. You can do it. The wave is coming. Stand on the surfboard and forget everything around you. Stay with the wave and go with it. You will intuitively apply the exact technique you now need with this wave. Become one with the waves. Dedication! 

That’s what I mean by a Loving Birth: I teach you techniques whose fundus will intuitively guide your body if you let it. Let it flow and trust.

A birth can take place anywhere; in the hospital, in the birth center or at home. Everywhere you can experience a natural and/or positive birth. Find the place where you would make love. Where you feel safe is the right place for you to give birth. 

What is HypnoBirthing?

HypnoBirthing is a holistic method to experience a positive and more relaxed birth by means of self-hypnosis. There are certain techniques that I have woven together from my experiences as a mother and doula into a total package in which you get everything that is important for a good pregnancy and birth. For the sensitive transformation into being a parent, I have created my own course Loving Mama – Postnatal Preparation.

I offer group courses, but also individual courses, in which we respond individually to your needs and also your partner is welcome and fully integrated. I offer the courses in Germany and Mallorca. You can also use your babymoon, the last holidays togetherbefore birth, to learn the method of HypnoBirthing. Away from everyday hustle you prepare together for a calm and positive birth, take time to bond as a couple, bond more deeply with your baby and learn everything what is important to know for pregnancy and birth while enjoying the stunning beauty of Mallorca.

How does the HypnoBirthing course prepare you?

  • About the myth that birth is painful
  • How our body reacts to our thoughts and feelings and how it affects the birth
  • You will learn why the female body is perfect for giving birth in harmony and in harmony with nature
  • Binding exercises and information that help you and your partner to build a deeper bond with your baby
  • What matters when choosing the right place of birth and birth companion? At home, hospital, Doula etc. and why this is so important
  • Why a well prepared and calm birth companion is so important during the birthing process
  • What is recommended for a good diet during pregnancy
  • A selection of visualization techniques to help your baby on his/her way into the world
  • Learn self-hypnosis techniques to release anxiety and tension and indulge in the process of birth
  • You will also be able to activate your body’s own anesthesia
  • You will learn special progressive and instant relaxation techniques to slither deeper into your relaxation
  • You will learn special breathing techniques that will assist you at the different stages of birth
  • You will free yourself from restrictive thoughts and feelings, so that you can positively look forward to your birth
  • A description of how you can make your birth positive and self-determined with all the techniques and information learned
  • Massage techniques, reflex points and many other techniques that your birth companion can use to support you and deepen your relaxation
  • How to prevent an artificial initiation and an episiotomy
  • What you can do naturally, if the birth is slow or does not progress
  • How to physically prepare for childbirth during pregnancy so that your baby has an optimal birth position
  • Helping positions during the birthing process as well as birth positions and much more ..

What do the parents / mothers from the Loving Birth Hypnobirthing courses take with them?

In the Loving Birth HypnoBirthing course we focus on pregnancy and preparation for childbirth. Becoming a parent does not happen at the push of a button, it‘s a huge process. From a loving couple, you transform into a parent. You will change and go through the most beautiful transformation you can experience. It can be exhausting, but women’s bodies are made to give birth. Both of you have decided to be parents, so with my knowledge, I want to make this process easier for you. I’m giving you tools that you can easily use in pregnancy and childbirth. In my classes you deal intensively with the birth, which is also very important for the expecting father, so that he can support his partner in the best possible way during birth, with complete peace of mind and self-confidence. That’s why my clients value the trusting atmosphere I instantly create in my classes. You are out of everyday life, you can enjoy togetherness and grow even stronger as future parents. Of course, expecting mothers are also very welcome on their own. You will learn everything you need for a positive birth experience. 

During the course I will show you all the necessary Loving Birth HypnoBirthing techniques combined with the ancient wisdom of the Doulas, the wise women who have been accompanying women during birth for centuries.

In a relaxed environment we create awareness:

  • Consciously connect with one’s self and to feel and express one’s own needs
  • Consciously connect with the baby
  • Consciously connect as a couple
  • Consciously have the techniques in mind

With the power of your body, your mind and the confidence that you create here, you can easily integrate the techniques into your everyday life and make your pregnancy and birth as natural and positive as you want it to be.

On request, I offer yoga for pregnant women and give the babymooner my own personal tips on how to explore the island and enjoy your time together in the most romantic corners of Mallorca.

The Benefits of HypnoBirthing

  • Holistic concept
    Hypnobirthing is the conscious and subconscious preparation for birth. The mental focus of the pregnant women and their birth companions is set to positive. It also means deepening your self-confidence. It also teaches physical and mental techniques and exercises. Through the knowledge that is acquired here, any fears disappear and the participants know everything about optimal nutrition, birth positions, preparation of the birth plan etc. There is education and extensive information about the birth. You get a better understanding of the natural birth process. It’s all about letting go and the participants learning the HypnoBirthing method, which Sandra Klauenberg has deepened with her experience over time and completed with her Doula knowledge. Conventional birth preparation is usually one-sided and pain-focused.
  • Not pain-focused
    It talks about possible pain that can occur at birth, but the most important thing is that the participants stay positive focused and get tips, techniques and exercises to help the woman reduce the pain. It’s about getting away from horror stories about births to positive experiences. Nothing is being sugar-coated. A birth is an experience that pushes you to the edge. That is obvious, because how else does new life come into the world? Therefore HypnoBirthing here in Mallorca and in Germany is a completely different concept than normal birth preparation courses can offer.
  • Exercises and, above all, self-hypnosis
    I know of only a few other birth preparation courses that rely on the methods of self-hypnosis. Hypnosis helps to identify subconscious fears and to “plant” positive thoughts into the subconscious mind. Self-hypnosis is like a kind of meditation, helping to release more endorphins and induce deep muscle relaxation. Endorphins help to feel the pain differently, so it works much like an anesthetic. The breathing techniques used are different than in most conventional courses.
  • Positive birth
    HypnoBirthing assumes that every woman can give birth to her child in a natural way. The focus is on giving birth gentle, conscious, relaxed and self-determined. Gentle does not mean calm, but that it is possible to experience birth without external aids but instead with confidence in your body. The body is allowed to exercise its full intensity with all its power. However the woman who gives birth experiences being pushed to her limits with self-determination and mindful. She can expend all reserves in a natural way.
  • Body sensation
    The woman learns to listen to her body again and to rely on her intuition and instinct. This trust in nature, her body and her intuition will help her later in dealing with the baby and inner conflicts. The pregnant women learns to trust her inner voice and let herself be guided by her body at birth. Baby and body work so well together at birth that this is the second miracle that happens here. Today, in our technological obsession, we are very far from our own bodies and being uncertain, we believe that doctors always know better. Here I start with my HypnoBirthing course because I know that women have strength, self-connection and self-confidence to make their birth as needed. Every birth is individual, different and there is no one right way. Women learn to handle it with HypnoBirthing.

HypnoBirthing Courses

HypnoBirthing Course:

  • About 12 hours course
  • Participation of the birth companion
  • 5 relaxations / hypnosis & affirmations
  • Extensive handout
  • Birth plan
  • Drinks and snacks (only in the group course)
  • Service by phone and by e-mail until birth


  • About 12 hours Hypnobirthing course live via Skype/Zoom
  • Participation of the birth companion
  • 5 relaxations / hypnosis & affirmations
  • Handout as pdf
  • Birth plan
  • Service by phone and by e-mail until birth


HypnoBirthing Course

888/249 Individual/Group


888/249 Individual/Group