About me

I was like a lioness! Such a force! My daughter was born using my very own HypnoBirthing method. As a first time mom, I had my baby in my arms after six hours. It was the most powerful, yet tender and sensitive experience I have ever had – and I want you to have such a loving, powerful experience when you give birth to your child. That is why I have developed my own method based on HypnoBirthing over many years of training, practice and with numerous clients.

I also work as a Doula, accompanying women and couples during pregnancy, birth and in the first months as young parents. I offer this service on Mallorca, but I also accompany couples and pregnant women all over the world through my online courses. II also give HypnoBirthing courses in Hanover, Germany. Fear is what prevents women from letting go and trusting the strength of their bodies in labor. My purpose is to help women to have a self-determined and positive birth, as I have been able to experience.

Hanover is my connection to Germany. I was born and grew up there. After many trips around the world, I’ve been in Mallorca for 10 years. This is my home and I enjoy this beautiful island every day anew. Therefore I can offer my courses for you in English, German and Spanish.

Sandra Klauenberg

Why did I study hypnosis, relaxation techniques and various other healing methods with my daughter long before my pregnancy? I was very ill at a young age and at some point, it became clear to me that conventional medicine could not help me. I went a long way from self-discovery and healing and tried a lot.

I am infinitely grateful for this experience, because it made me grow into the person I am today.

All the answers are in you. Your body is so wonderful. You are powerful, you can give life! And if you like, I will help you to dissolve yourfear and accompany you on this incredible adventure, which – with my support – you can tackle with anticipation and completely without fear.


  • Certified HypnoBirthing Coach
  • Trained Hypnotist (TMI)
  • Doula training at Doulasmam in Mallorca
  • Postpartum Doula – Newborn Mothers Postpartum Professional
  • Yoga teacher training at Yoga Vidya Germany
  • Guide in meditation and breathing techniques
  • Innerwise – Intuitive Diagnostics
  • Human Design – Living your Design Guide
  • State certified Business Economist