Frequently asked questions

The best time is as early as possible after the first trimester (from the 15th week of pregnancy), so that you have enough time to practice the exercises without stress. The course is very comprehensive for pregnancy and birth. So you can benefit from HypnoBirthing during pregnancy in many ways. Also shortly before birth, you can fully integrate HypnoBirthing with a commitment and give you and your baby a beautiful birth.

Hypnosis is a naturally called, altered state of consciousness. It is a relaxed concentration and serves to bridge the critical mind in order to get directly to the subconscious. You will be fully aware, keep control and do only what you want. In a hypnotic state, we find ourselves even daily. When daydreaming, when we are immersed in a book or stare into a fire. At birth, you will be approachable, pleasantly relaxed and fully aware of the happenings. You will be able to influence the perception of your labor.

Yes you can. However, the HypnoBirthing program involves you and your birth companion. But also alone you can train yourself with the course and with appropriate preparation you can have a gentle and self-determined birth. We will then discuss what you should pay particular attention to.

HypnoBirthing restores the subconscious mind and requires repetition and exercise. Then everything happens automatically without thinking during labor. At home without direct guidance, you can also quickly uncover uncertainties, which we can then discuss in the course or after the course. It would be good to take 30-60 minutes daily for practicing. You can integrate some exercises into your everyday life, and you will also gain ever deeper confidence in your body.

HypnoBirthing does not promise painless birth. You will have feelings and you have the possibility to influence them with the methods. Some women experience partial or even painless birth. Others have inconveniences which are usually tolerable. A birth experience can also be experienced positive even with pain. How you evaluate your birth depends on many factors and not just on the feeling of pain.

You give birth with HypnoBirthing anywhere. In the course, we will discuss how to choose your place of birth carefully, so that you feel comfortable. Even if you will give birth at the hospital, you will have the opportunity to do so in a relaxed way.

Not necessarily. She/He just has to be willing to respect your birth wishes. In the course you will learn how you and your birth companion communicate effectively with the birthing team and work hand in hand together.

Whether planned or unplanned c-section, you and your baby will benefit from the exercises mentally, emotionally and also physically before, during and after the surgery.