Loving Mama – Postnatal Preparation

The Loving Mama Course prepares couples for the time after birth. It’s not about learning how to change nappies or bottle feeding, but about what happens in the postnatal period, what’s going on in the woman and what you can do to help yourself tofeel well. Often these are only minor but essential things, e.g. how to organize the new family life in advance after birth. It is important that the family gives the mother the room that she needs. She needs plenty of affirmation and affection in this demanding life phase. In the Loving Mama course, couples learn what they can do concretely, such as Ayurveda self-massage, baby massage and suggestions for relaxed breastfeeding. However, the course also helps you to reflect on topics like the right support and perfectionism, especially when it comes from the exterior of the couple or the young family.

The postnatal period is 40 days after birth. I personally think that this phase lasts longer. The woman experiences an extreme transformation during these days. Unfortunately, the emotional and physical changes associated with this are not positively experienced in our society, but pictures are shown from the outside of how quickly women should be slim, active and back in working life. The family structure is also changing. The woman herself is subject to extreme changes, it has been proven that after birth the woman’s brain is changing and forming completely new ways of thinking.

Often women are perceived positively in pregnancy, the belly is admired, however after birth, the focus is on the baby and the mother is “forgotten” or “invisible”. That women experience an extraordinary and sensitive situation in becoming a mother is neglected in the Western world. Certainly this is also due to the lack of information and the uncertainty surrounding the birth. In other cultures, eg. India is quite different. Here, the mother is spoiled after birth and treated like a “baby”. She does not have to worry about anything. She is nourished, loved, spoiled and she only gets the baby for breastfeeding. In India, the “baby blues” is unknown.

The baby is fine only when the mother is well. There are too many stress factors in the Western world. Everything that the mother experiences, the baby also experiences. These influences are expressed, for example, by breastfeeding problems, colics, etc. The actual cause is often that the mother is not as well as she could be.

Module 1

  1. The wonderful changes in a newborn mother
  2. The love hormone – oxytocin and why it is so important
  3. Belly Binding – How does it support you and what types are there?
  4. Ayurvedic self-massage for immediate relaxation
  5. Healing diet for the newborn mother
  6. How to raise your oxytocin level – your personal plan

Module 2

  1. Find your role and intuition as a newborn mother
  2. The role of the father and how to best organize your new family life
  3. Introduction to relaxed breastfeeding
  4. Ayurvedic baby massage – benefits for your baby and a simple technique
  5. How do I deal with my crying baby? – Calming techniques for your baby

This course is for pregnant mothers and newborn mothers who would like to come with their babies. Couples are also welcome!

I am happy to accompany you before birth with a holistic birth preparation, including Hypnobirthing and during and after birth as Doula here in Mallorca.


Loving Mama-Course

195/79 Individual/ Group/ Online