What is a Doula?

Originally, Doula meant a woman who has great wisdom, someone who has already given birth to a child. As an experienced helper she accompanies the expectant / new mother, helps her and supports her physically and emotionally. Nowadays a job profile has been developed and in many countries, the Doula is added as a complement to the medical care and midwives, as she will be present throughout the whole birth as a confidante.  

A Doula is emotional and physical support during childbirth and beyond. Many Doulas, including myself, Sandra Klauenberg, help with the preparation for childbirth and also postnatal recovery. My particular strength is the combination of the HypnoBirthing method with the ancient healing knowledge, which I would be happy to pass on as a Doula. 

Before birth, Doulas provide more or less intensive support, depending on what you wish. But they are essential at birth itself. All Doulas behave very intuitively and empathically to help the woman in the best possible way. Every birth is different and so is every mother. The support can vary from vary from intensive help for the mother to just being in the background as a moral support for the mother-to-be. Sometimes a Doula is needed more as emotional support by the father than by the mother. 

The Doula encourages, motivates, supports emotionally, can help with positions, massages and reminds of helpful techniques again and again. A Doula is not a substitute for a midwife because she has no medical training. However there are studies showing that the presence of Doulas make births easier. They ensure a lower intervention rate, thus enable a more natural and faster birth. 

As your Doula, I also offer postnatal care. I did an extra postnatal Doula training to be able to support you even better. I help and encourage women, e.g. with breastfeeding orfeeling more secure in their new role as a mother. As your Doula, I accompany you as a young mother in the first few days with all questions that arise. 

What is included in the Doula service?

Antenatal preparation:

For your birth preparation, I offer you my extensive knowledge, which we adapt individually to your needs:

  • Strengthen confidence in your body and birth
  • Learn to follow your intuition and connect with your inner wisdom
  • Resolve fears, worries, insecurities and doubts
  • Choose the place of birth that suits you (public or private, hospitals, home birth) and help you choose professionals who can help you prepare and give birth
  • Methods and positions for pain relief and easier and faster birth
  • Information about the different interventions in the hospital and methods of avoiding interventions
  • Explaining the birth process
  • Help with the birth plan (available in German, English and Spanish)
  • Preparation for breastfeeding
  • Learning different relaxation and breathing techniques for a positive birth experience
  • HypnoBirthing
  • Bach flower therapy
  • Aromatherapy during pregnancy and childbirth
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • And much more…

Birth Doula Service

I accompany and encourage you through all phases of birth for a safe, positive, loving and unforgettable experience. If desired, I will assist you at your home during the first phase of birth And if so chosen, I would continue the support at the hospital. There I am at your side with translations and explanations, so that you can communicate clearly with the birth team and make easier decisions. I intuitively perceive what you need to get fully involved in the birthing process and to turn inwards. Depending on your needs, I will be active or withdraw more. During your birth I can support you as follows:

  • Emotional and physical support
  • Motivation
  • Pain Relief Techniques
  • Massages and stimulation according to reflexology
  • Special relaxation and breathing techniques / HypnoBirthing techniques
  • Aromatherapy for childbirth
  • Bach flower therapy
  • Positions for a faster and easier birth
  • Energy work
  • Ensuring a pleasant and safe ambience
  • Support of the birth partner
  • Translations and explanations
  • Help with the first breastfeeding

Postnatal Doula Service

When a baby is born, so is a mother and a new family! The time after birth is very sensitive, with many physical and emotional changes for the mother, as well as a complete restructuring of the family life. Many countries follow their traditions of supporting, nurturing and caring for the newborn mother with her baby. In this way, she can completely indulge in the new situation, fall in love with her baby, give the breastfeeding process time with the right help and is supported by a loving atmosphere. Unfortunately, in our fast-paced society, this support is often lacking these days. There is a lot of pressure on the mothers to have everything under control, to do everything right and to be “fully functional” in life again as quickly as possible. It is not without reason that there is the saying : “To raise a child, you need an entire village!”. As a Postnatal Doula, I would like to support you and your family in this intense and wonderful time of transformation. In a comfortable and safe atmosphere you will be emotionally and physically nourished and I offer you help to clear doubts and uncertainties out of the way. So you can slowly grow with confidence and love into your new role as a mother. Here is my offer as I would like to support you on your way to becoming a mother:

  • Accompaniment while you find yourself in the new role as a mother. You can ask all your questions about your mother role, your baby or whatever is close to your heart
  • Support for breastfeeding problems
  • Clear uncertainties. There is always an open, loving and safe space to share whatever you like to share.
  • Find practical solutions to everyday challenges for you, your baby and the whole family
  • Practical tips on how you can continue to lovingly take care of yourself
  • Ayurveda massage and Ayurveda baby massage
  • Energy work for deep relaxation and activation of self-regulation
  • Soothing techniques for the baby
  • Stabilization through nutritious food (according to the Ayurveda principle)
  • Bach Flower Therapy
  • Help with the household and / or shopping

Doula Packages

Doula Birth Package:

  • 1 visit of approx. 2 hours for birth preparation at your home
  • Email and phone advice during pregnancy
  • Help with the birth plan
  • Recommendations and documents on pregnancy, birth and parental leave
  • 24 hours availability from 38 weeks’ gestation until the baby is born
  • Accompaniment during the birthing phase and the birth
  • Breastfeeding support
  • 1 postnatal visit of approx. 2 hours at your home

Price: Please contact me for price

Doula Intensive Birth Package:

  •  3 x 2h birth preparation at your home, individually tailored to your needs with e.g. general information about hospitals, birth plan, procedures, HypnoBirthing, training of positions for an easier birth, prenatal yoga etc.
  • Help with the birth plan
  • Email and phone advice during pregnancy
  • Recommendations and documents on pregnancy, birth and parental leave
  • 24 hours availability from 38 weeks’ gestation until the baby is born
  • Accompaniment during the birthing phase and the birth
  • Breastfeeding support
  • 2 postnatal visits of approx. 2 hours at your home (details at Postnatal Doula Service)

Price: Please contact me for price

If you would like to do the entire HypnoBirthing course together with your birthing partner as preparation, we can integrate it into your Doula Intensive Package. I am happy to make you an offer.

Extra Service:

  • 2 hours Doula pre- or postnatal consultation – 100,- €


Doula Birth Package

Please contact me for price

Doula Intensive Birth Package

Please contact me for price