Loving Birth – HypnoBirthing

How do you want to give birth to your child?

I want you to have a fearless birth. You have an unbridled power. Mother Earth created you to give life. You are a creator and I’m here to help you experience your positive pregnancy and birth while harnessing the power you have to bring your baby into the world.

Inspired by my own experience of pregnancy, birth and the first years of my daughter’s life, I have deepened the HypnoBirthing method and support women and their partners during pregnancy, childbirth and their transition into parenthood. With me on your side, as your loving, powerful and close companion, you will experience a conscious pregnancy, you will look forward to the birth of your baby calmly and full of confidence andgently bring your baby into the world. I apply methods of HypnoBirthing here in Mallorca, where I have lived for 10 years, in Germany or online worldwide. I speak fluently Spanish, English and German and I am the only Doula in Mallorca that speaks German.  


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My why, why I am here for you:

I was like a lioness! Such a force! My daughter was born with my very own HypnoBirthing method. As a first-time mother I had my baby in my arms after six hours. It was the most powerful, yet tender and most sensitive experience I’ve ever had and I want you to have such a loving, powerful and positive experience when you give birth to your baby. That is why I have developed my own method based on HypnoBirthing after many years of training, practice with numerous clients. I am a Doula, so I accompany women and couples during pregnancy, birth and in the first months as young parents. I offer this locally in Mallorca and in some german cities, but also accompany couples and pregnant women around the world through my online courses. You will learn my HypnoBirthing method, get countless practical tips from my Doula experience and have a sensitive companion at your side. HERE YOU CAN LEARN ABOUT ME.

Why HypnoBirthing with the Loving Birth Method? 

A birth is a birth! That means it’s the most powerful act you’ll experience in your life and yet it is possible that it will be your best experience. Are you afraid of the birth of your baby? Get in touch with me. A birth is such a natural process. It’s a miracle. Your body has received this wonderful creature in your belly. You will give it to the world and to do this you are able to not only endure all the feelings and sensations with your body, but to experience what it is. A wonder! I accompany you to experience this miracle. How do I work?

Every woman, every pregnancy and every baby is special and therefore it is particularly important to me to strengthen you. You can (if medically possible) experience a natural and positive birth. I’ll show you simple and extensive methods and techniques to manage the overwhelming power of your body and to trust that you and the little being inside you are always doing the right thing. Nature has created us to have children. Our head and our ego are often an obstacle. I help women to get into their power and to trust their body and life.  

We realize that through

  • Breathing techniques also among other things to facilitate the pregnancy
  • Self hypnosis
  • Affirmations
  • Visualizations
  • Train the subconscious mind
  • Improve body awareness
  • Self-confidence
  • Dedication
  • Trust
  • Female energy
  • Choice of place of birth, choice of birth companions
  • Many valuable and background information to be able to make self-determined decisions

Doula service

I accompany you before, during and after birth with holistic and personalized antenatal classes and methods as birth and postnatal Doula.

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All-round service

Use the all-round service and my knowledge as a Doula. Before, during and after the birth I am by your side and prepare you with holistic antenatal classes, support you during the birth and in becoming a newborn mother.

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Learn how to use the power of your body and mind to experience a positive, stress-free birth and get more information about the sensitive transformation into motherhood. Courses are available in Germany and Mallorca.

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Online Courses

You are not in Mallorca? I accompany you online, especially in the field of HypnoBirthing and birth preparation. Use my knowledge to lose your fear of giving birth and to trust your body and baby.

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What my customers say

“I feel so lucky and grateful to have had the honour of learning from Sandra….I’ve done the Hypnobirthing and Post Partum courses with her and have enjoyed both immensely. She is an incredibly knowledgeable, kind, compassionate and generous woman – would recommend to everyone. Thank you!”


„I wanted to say thank you again for the 2 great days. We have learned so much information and tools, but we had also unique experiences and moments. You really do it great and you have a real calling. Your personality has also inspired me a lot – thank you from the bottom of my heart!“


“We were lucky that Sandra offered a HypnoBirthing course in Hanover. It was a great course and I think every woman should be introduced to giving birth this way. I would never have thought that such a thing was possible and I am very grateful to you, dear Sandra, for your great work – I would also attend any other course of yours. All the best for you!”


“The HypnoBirthing techniques helped me a lot to get my daughter’s birth fully under control. When the time came, I knew exactly what I had to do to experience this unique event calmly and positively. The course with Sandra and the daily practice helped me fundamentally to make my birth experience positive and to carry it out consciously. I am very grateful that I got the birth I wanted.”