loving mama - Postpartum Preparation

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First of all congratulations! You are embarking on a great and wonderful journey with a new soul. As a Newborn Mother your heart is wide open, you are sensitive and you are brand new. It is a time to re-invent yourself because when a baby is born so is a mother. The sacred window after birth can be an opportunity to heal chronic or lifelong conditions, or if women are neglected during the time after birth, „the golden month“, they can develop long term emotional, mental or physical health problems.

Many cultures all over the world know about this sensitive time after childbirth and still practice traditional forms of „confinement“ or „lying in“ for 30-40 days. A Newborn Mother has only two jobs: falling in love with your baby and breastfeeding. It is a time for rejuvenation with a significance on the rest of your life. Most of these cultures cook and clean for the Newborn Mothers, massage them with special herbs and oils, keep them warm and wrap their beautiful bellies. 

What mothers in our culture may consider a luxury or even self-indulgent, most of the traditional cultures would consider essential. The result of not living this wisdom in western cultures are low breastfeeding rates, postnatal depression and high divorce rates.

With the unique Loving Mama Postpartum Preparation Course you will receive wonderful wisdom and practical easy tools that will help you to enjoy the „golden month“ and after and to avoid feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. All the information in one course with two modules, so there is enough time to ask questions, clear doubts and connect to other mothers. When you become a mother, you will never be the same like before and this course is about making the transformation a conscious and positive one!

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What you will learn in the course?

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Module 1:

1. The wonderful changes in a Newborn Mother
2. The Love Hormon – Oxytocin and why it is so important
3. Belly Binding – How it can support you and ways to do it
4. Ayurvedic Self-Massage for instant relaxation
5. Healing nutrition for the Newborn Mother
6. How to keep Oxytocin high – your personal plan

Module 2:

7. Finding your role and intuition as a Newborn Mother
8. The role of the father and how to organize best your new family life
9. Introduction to relaxed breastfeeding
10. Ayurvedic Baby-Massage – Advantages for your baby and how to do it the easy way
11. How to handle babys crying? – Baby soothing techniques

This course is for pregnant Moms and Newborn Mothers who would like to come with their babies. Couples are welcome too!


 Group Course Spanish: 08.06. and 09.06.2019, 10:00 – 13:00 in Palma/Mallorca

Private, Online and German Courses can be offered at anytime. 
For further information or registration please contact me:


loving mama - Postpartum Preparation

The course has two modules of 3 hours. In total aprox. 6 hours. Maximum group of 8 mothers, place is reserved by registration. Place reservation: 20, – Euros.

Please wear old and comfortable cloth and bring 2 large towels (we will use oil).

Individual             Group

179€      59€