Human Design

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  • Do you want nothing more than to live your true, authentic self, to love and accept yourself as you really are?
  • Do you constantly ask yourself why you are like that and try to change it by different methods without success?
  • Would you like to overcome your conditioning?
  • Is your “inner critic” constantly talking to you and making life difficult for you?
  • Do you suffer because you do not reach your goals or simply have no energy to implement them?
  • Do you ever find it difficult to make the right decisions or do you regret your decisions later?
  • Do you suffer in a situation such as job or relationship unnecessarily long?
  • Do you often feel emotionally overwhelmed?
  • Would you like to strengthen your children in their authentic self and equip them for their personal life with the necessary tools and a strong self-confidence?

By deep conditioning through society at a young age, we try to change or adapt to others. We constantly compare ourselves with others and get a deeply feeling that we are not allowed to be who we are. You probably don’t know what you can really rely on in your life and you might have trusted what you cannot trust.

We live in a very rationally driven world and learn to rely on our minds already early on in our childhood, and we trust that it makes all the right decisions for us in life. Everything in life is only about what we think and want. Influenced by the parents, our social environment, the media, politics, religion, etc., and we run the risk of moving further and further away from our true nature. How often did you want something and you found yourself in a situation that brought you deep dissatisfaction, anger, disappointment and depression?


Our thinking is usually guided by our conditioning and fears, which does not help with making the correct desicions and we alienate ourselves more and more. However, the key to our inner truth is deeply hidden in our genetics. We are all here to live our lives and to express our own unique truth. There are infinite possibilities for individual uniqueness embedded in our genetic matrix and everyone exists only once in the entire universe!

Ra Uru Hu, the founder of Human Design, always said that human design is for children because they are our future. The world likes it if we all follow the rules, the homogenization, and completely forget who we really are and thus get away from the path of our personal fulfilment. With the necessary knowledge and awareness, we can help our children to grow up free from conditioning and in self-confidence and unfold their true individuality.

Was ist Human Design?

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Human Design is a unique system that combines the ancient teachings of Astrology, I Ching, Chakra System, Kabbalah, as well as new sciences such as Quantum Physics, Genetics, Biochemistry and Astronomy. With the Human Design Chart or BodyGraph, you get practical tools that will help you to live your own inner decision-making system. So you can swim in the river of your personal way of life completely without encountering resistance, which usually presents itself in frustration, anger or bitterness. It is like a map that shows your uniqueness, your strengths, your openness, wisdom and much more. It opens you the way to come fully into your own strength and beauty. Human design is not a belief system but a practical science that requires the courage to try out, feel and experience without following the mind. It does not promise you wealth, your soul mate, lasting happiness and healing of all blockages in a short time! We all know this too well from other doctrines or healing practices, all of which sound so enticing and do not end up being promised. If you really get into it, you will live your authentic self more and more, resistances will be less and situations will no longer leave you with deep scars. Over the years, healing takes place and in your unique “frequency” you draw exactly the right people, situations and places into your life. In this life-flow, your personal life purpose will unfold completely by itself. The reason why you are here in your whole uniqueness and beauty!

What you will learn during the Human Design session about your personal Design:

  1. Your type: You will learn if you are a Generator, Projector, Manifestor or Reflector and how your aura works
  2. Your strategy is to show you how to meet life, other people and opportunities
  3. Your authority: helps you to make the right decisions in your life
  4. Your definition: shows your strengths, everything that is constanty in you, accompanies you through your life and also influences your decisions
  5. Your openness: see your greatest vulnerability and condition through the outside world, but also the greatest potential for wisdom
  6. Your profile: Your role of your destiny in this world

Warum Human Design?


A Human Design session supports you:

  • to discover who you really are
  • to live more and more your authentic self and thus to find more self-acceptance and self-love
  • to come into the flow of life and minimize resistance
  • to find deep self-confidence
  • to recognize who you are not and to resolve old conditions step by step
  • to avoid new conditioning
  • to free yourself from your “monkey-mind”, so it stops taking control of your life
  • to make important decisions on e.g. partnership, job, place of residence etc. from the deep wisdom of your body and find your way back to your right life path
  • to understand relationships and interactions with other people
  • to help your children in an authentic development and promote their self-love


Human Design

  • Approx. 120 minutes of consultation
  • Your very own Human Design Bodygraph
  • Recording of the session as an audio file. So you can listen to the information several times. Your consciousness will always record new details and the information can sink into your memory cells.