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loving birth


The birth experience can influence a person for the rest of his life, so give you and your baby a birth as natural and gentle as possible.

loving retreat

HypnoBirthing Retreats

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loving mama

Postpartum Preparation

You just had your baby or you are a soon-to-be mother? Then this unique Postpartum Preparation Course is for you!


loving care

Postpartum Doula Service

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Extra Services

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Energetic Healing, Shamanic Healing, Matrix-Quantum Healing

Do you feel stuck in an always repeating loop, which leads again and again to new challenges in relationships, business or health? Perhaps physical issues you have already being manifested? Are you always standing in your own way and have a deep craving to live your true, authentic self, to accept and love yourself for whom you really are?

E-Motion Healing is a healing and awareness method that combines the knowledge of quantum physics with ancient sciences. It helps you to dissolve your conditions through parents and society, to transform traumatic experiences, obstructive beliefs, foreign energies and much more.

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Human Design

Human Design is a unique synthesis of traditional ancient science and new knowledge from our era. It helps you to understand how unique you are and how unique your needs are. The homogenization of society tells us how we have to be, to feel, to eat, to learn, etc., and perhaps also you have the feeling of being somehow “wrong” and you are always trying to bend and adjust to fit in. Human Design lets you know who you really are and which parts of you are open for conditioning. You will experience your special inner tool, which guides you safely through life and will allow you to make important decisions from a deep knowledge.

About me


I , Sandra, was born 1979 in Hannover, Germany. For many years I live on the beautiful island of Mallorca.

As teenager and young adult I was very sick and somehow I realized that conventional medicine could not help me at all. I went on a long journey of self-discovery and healing and tried many different methods. I would not be the person I am today without these intensive and many other experiences. The biggest challenges in life, let us grow the most! And for that I am very grateful!

My passion has always been life itself. Why do we often stand in our way? How do I accept myself and love myself completely as I am? How do I live my full potential and show myself authentically? It was only after many years that I became aware that I am highly sensitive and that I feel very much in other people. Therefore my world is very colorful and intense and this can sometimes be very challenging. It is a gift that has been given to me and which I like to use to support you on your way to your true, authentic self. My strength is to recognize where you stand in your way and which potential is hidden in you. The only correct answers you find in yourself and I would like to help you to find them.

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  • Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner
  • Postpartum Doula – Newborn Mothers Postpartum Professional
  • Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Vidya Germany
  • Guide for Meditation and Breathing techniques
  • Innerwise – Intuitive Diagnosis
  • Matrix Energetics Level I & II
  • Human Design – Living your Design Guide
  • State certified Business Economist