Energetic Healing, Shamanic Healing, Matrix-Quantum Healing

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E-Motion Healing combines knowledge from Hypnosis, Theta Healing, Matrix- Energetics, Energetic healing such as Deep Field Relaxation, Reconnection and Quantum Touch with the Body-Centered Heart Work. In the relaxation you reach the theta frequency of the brain and thereby have direct access to your subconscious mind. In the depths of feeling of what is, without any judgement and “story”, you bring the energy back to flow (energy in motion = E-Motion) and open your heart for the suppressed feelings. Repressed feelings often develop into shadows, which we do not want to see or to live and then become our outer world in form of challenges with people or situations until we get to the point to close them in our heart. I intuitively assist you in bringing the energy to flow, opening your heart and, if necessary, using intentions for transformation on different levels.

E-Motion Healing can help you:

  •  to bring stuck energy and feelings back to flow and finally dissolve them
  • to transform blockages and trauma
  • to eliminate negative beliefs and replace them with positive and supportive beliefs
  • to activate your self-healing powers if you have physical ailments and (chronic) diseases
  • to remove foreign energy from your energy field
  • to completely activate your natural protection system
  • to transform family issues and inherited information
  • to eliminate prenatal programming
  • to balance your Chakra-System
  • to heal your heart
  • and much more…
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I would like to support you:

  • to bring you closer to your true, unique self and thus to more self-love and self-acceptance
  • to come into your own responsibility and become again the creator of your life from the heart
  • to heal physically and energetically and activate your self-healing powers
  • for greater clarity and awareness in the here and now beyond confusing thoughts so that you can step into a deep, inner peace
  • to free yourself from entanglements and thus to find your own personal place in life
  • to give yourself to the flow of life with a feeling of basic trust and self-confidence


E-Motion Healing

  • The sessions take place personally or online via Skype sessions

  • The first session lasts between 1-2 hours. Other sessions about 1 hour depending on the topics

First Session: 80€
Cost per session per hour